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Energy Square Wins “Project of the Year!”

The Energy Square project from RUPCO, located in Kingston, New York, has recently been named the 2020 Project of the Year – Upstate Region by the New York State Association for Affordable Housing! The Energy Square is a mixed-use development located in Midtown Kingston, including a number of apartments for a range of different incomes. The entire building was constructed with a goal of sustainability, becoming the first Net-Zero for Living affordable housing project in the entirety of upstate New York.

The project is yet another example of brilliant engineering and just what is possible when different ideas and technologies come together for the benefit of the community. The building includes considerable renewable energy features, including a huge solar energy system as well as a geothermal ground source heat pump system. The renewable energy sources provide electricity and heat to the entire building, creating a cost savings for those on a low-income or nonprofit basis. The project also contributes a great deal to the state’s aggressive renewable energy portfolio.

RUPCO selected Lighthouse Solar to be the developer for the solar energy system installed on the property. Thanks to our extensive experience, diverse portfolio of projects (including both residential and commercial setups), and ability to properly construct large-scale solar energy projects, we were able to provide RUPCO with the solar energy system this ambitious community landmark needs.

The $22 million project brought together developer RUPCO as well as the City of Kingston, New York State Homes & Community Renewal, and several private investors. At five stories tall and featuring 57 apartments, today the building serves as home for 79 people. It is also home to the Center for Creative Education (CCE), which provides cultural awareness to the city’s youth through arts, wellness, and education.

Energy Square has also received a five-year Empire State Supportive Housing Initiative award, providing rental assistance and supportive services to seven units in the building. These units are specifically targeted toward formerly homeless young adults, ages 18 through 25, in hopes of helping them get back on their feet again. RUPCO has also partnered with CCE and Family of Woodstock to provide an array of services to these targeted individuals, including job training and daily living guidance.

This isn’t the first time that the NYSAFAH has given RUPCO Project of the Year honors: in 2015, the firm received the award for its work in rehabilitating Lace Mill, an apartment development popular among artists. Energy Square has also received other awards as well, including the Paul Davidoff Award for Leadership in Housing and Equal Opportunity.

We’re proud to have played such a key part in the development of this project. To learn more about how we can help your home or business secure its energy future by switching to clean, emissions-free solar, call Lighthouse Solar at (845) 251-2012 today.