Gardiner Net-Zero

Solar Panels

System Size: 20 kW
Annual Production: 27.3 MWh
Annual Savings: $3822.00

Net-Zero Living in Gardiner

This Gardiner resident first came to us in 2011 during the construction of their net-zero home. The initial system size was 9kW with a planned expansion to 12kW. Also in the works was a detached garage with an accessory apartment. With an interest in keeping the garage and apartment net-zero as well, the homeowner opted to install another system on that building bringing the total PV power on the property to 20kW.

The house and garage are all-electric, using no fossil fuels whatsoever. The PV system on the house generates over 100% of the annual energy required for the house. The garage system does the same for the garage and accessory apartment as well as providing all of the required charging electricity for the owner’s Chevy Volt which is used for the daily commute to and from work.

Solar panels on two buildings

Jason Iahn, Lighthouse Solar General Manager comments, “We appreciate not only the homeowner’s continued desire to use Lighthouse Solar as their solar energy partner, but for their vision of sustainability and example of modern, net-zero living.”

The homeowner’s experience could not be a better reflection of our core values as expressed in their comment, “(Lighthouse Solar) provided the highest quality workmanship and customer service we could ever hope for” and continuing with “After working with Lighthouse, we didn’t bother looking any further.”